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How To Behave Responsibly In Public Transportation?

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Public transport demands certain etiquette. It is not your personal space but something to be shared with everyone. This means you have to do your best to create an amicable environment within. You have to take responsibility for the condition of public transport as you’re the primary user.

Behave respectfully

Try not to swarm the vehicle. This will only cause delay and frustration. Form a neat line and await your time to get onto the vehicle. It is your responsibility to make sure that the very young children and the elderly get on first. We have been taught since we’re children to offer a seat to the elderly, the sick or disabled no matter where we are. It’s a common courtesy. A lot of people prefer not to take driving lessons because public transport is just that convenient. The better the public transportation system is, the more people using it. This will lessen the number of vehicles on the road offering a solution to traffic. This will also minimize vehicle emissions that will help lessen the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Don’t block entry to the doors

At every stop, there will be people getting on and off. You will cause a delay and unnecessary tension if you block the doors. Make sure you don’t stand in the doorway and you keep enough room for people to pass by.

Be honest in paying your fair

It is a given that some people try to evade paying the fee. This is something that occurs most in buses. But if you’re caught you will be required to pay a fine. Sometimes you can also make mistakes when it comes to your bus ticket. So make sure that it hasn’t expired. Keep your travel fare out before you get onto the vehicle so that it will save you time when it comes to paying. Even if you’re on your own vehicle you have to pay for parking as you have learnt in driving school. Visit this link for more info on driving school in Parramatta.

Take only one seat per person

Some people have a total disregard for the other passengers on board. You will see that sometimes people keep their belonging on the next seat or them taking more than one seat just to sit comfortably. It is your responsibility to think about the other passengers as well.

Don’t bring food and drinks on board

Food and drinks are generally not allowed on public transport. Not only will the resulting aromas and bits that fall off inconvenience the other passengers it will also contribute to the waste on board the vehicle. Sometimes there will be no proper disposal as such for food. If you do bring something to eat on board make sure it isn’t something that will spill easily or something that will emit a strong odour. Otherwise, you will be causing the general hygiene of the public transport to lessen.

The Modern World Of Photography

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Capturing memories has been a longstanding activity of humans from the earliest of times. Beginning with cave paintings, the pursuit never stopped.
The need to preserve experiences in a permanent way is very much still alive and thriving; modern photography and photo sharing is an ode to this growing need to not only create, but capture and share memories with one another.
From the earliest of times, humans have been interested in this act. Where and why it originated is debatable. We all know the start came with cave paintings of early man, but why he did so is a puzzling question. With depiction of animals and their daily life drawn onto the cave walls with plant residue and animal bone or fingers, transports us back to that period and gives us a glimpse of life of the earliest settled humans.
The period of hieroglyphic writing and depictions was another stage. The ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphs and drawings to convey stories and important occurrences in their daily lives. They were also included inside the pyramids of great pharaohs as well as temples dedicated to their ancient gods, to show how and why they were important. Modern translation methods has allowed us to read these hieroglyphics and see what the ancient Egyptians saw and experienced doing that time. Visit 
Painting and sculpture were important art forms during the Renaissance period, and have become signatures of a period of time when learning and passing on learning was a revered practice. From drawings in texts, to large paintings on canvases, to life-size sculptures, some artwork have given us the missing pieces of the puzzle we needed to put together important stories in history, and get a better understanding of the truth about our past.
Modern photography too, has a longstanding history of its own. From portraiture that took long periods of time to capture one image, to touch screen smartphones that capture an image in a fraction of a second, photography has come a long way.
Photography is now a part of every-day life and even more so at important life events; a beach marriage proposal Hong Kong in the modern day will not be complete without a photograph to capture the moment.
Similarly, photography has also developed as a professional industry in its own right. Professional photographers are now an important part of modern life. They work as individual professionals and as part of companies that focus on event planning and management. Events range from group to group. From marriage proposal planners, party planners, and wedding planners, to planners of major concerts and music festivals, photographers are present wherever the action is.
Undoubtedly, they are an important part of modern life, just as photography is; helping us capture and preserve life’s best memories for years to come.